The Prayer of Faith -From Meditation to Contemplation

“At the end of his Gospel St John quotes  Christ as saying, “You believe because you can see me, but blessed are those who have not seen me and yet believe” (John 20:29). It was to enable those who came later who, unlike his first disciples, did not know Jesus personally, that a totally new form of prayer was created. It was later called meditation”.

“We Came, We Saw, God Conquered” — Our Lady’s Victory at the Siege of Vienna

“Vienna was surrounded. An invading Ottoman-led army, estimated at 150,000 troops, stood outside of her gates. Having refused the customary demand to surrender, made by Kara Mustafa, the Grand Vizier, she had been under siege for two months. The soldiers defending Vienna, and the peoples trapped behind her gates, were exhausted”.

More than 500 Ethiopians Christians have reportedly been murdered in door-to-door attacks since June

“A Christian aid organization, the Barnabas Fund, is reporting that since June more than 500 Ethiopian Christians have been murdered in door-to-door attacks in the Oromia regional state of Ethiopia.

According to the group’s report, “extremists arrived in cars and, armed with guns, machetes, swords and spears, sought out and slaughtered Christians.”