The Cry of the Rich

” How often do we hear some spiteful comment about the wealthy? In an era where socialist ideas enjoy growing popularity among the youth, the “one percent” is attracting greater disdain. The Church, the champion of the poor, rightfully shows concern for the depravity that the impoverished face. We ask much of the wealthy to “do their part” and “pay their fair share.” Time and time again, the government proposes that the wealthy be taxed more in order to bolster welfare programs.

We may find, however, that we are taking for granted the well-being of our wealthy brothers and sisters who all have the same spiritual needs as the rest of us”.

Prayer Changes Us

” A lot of people — even Catholics — consider prayer and the Word to be almost a waste of time. Every day when I pray in St. John’s Church, I go up to the choir loft to pray. I have to go up there because, during prayer, I have frequently been interrupted by parishioners who have said to me, “Oh, I’m so glad you’re not busy with anything important. Can we talk?” Nothing important? Prayer and preaching the Gospel are the most important things we do as a Church”!

Hiding Oneself in the Holy Wounds of Christ

” The Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ was the most brutal event to have happened in all of Creation. Upon Him was inflicted the lash, the thorns, the nails, the spear. His Holy Feet were torn to shreds by sharp stones, His Gentle Hands were pierced, His Shoulder bore the weight of our manifold sins, His Heart burst with Love for us.

One cannot help but weep to think of the immensity of suffering which He bore willing for our sake. He is a God that suffers with us”.