It Is Time to Reclaim the Cardinal Virtue of Prudence

” Most of modern society upholds justice and fortitude, while temperance and prudence have been swallowed up in relativism. We as Christians also focus a great deal on the needs for justice and courage, but largely ignore the necessity of prudence in forming our actions.

It is time to recapture this cardinal virtue in our spiritual lives because it is essential in order for all of us to progress in holiness”.

The Heart of Evangelization: Leading Souls to the Divine Life

” For the past many years, I have felt like an evangelization machine. I find myself, wherever I am, engaging folks, whether at the gas station, grocery store, or just about anywhere. I’m not quoting scripture or handing out pamphlets or giving them books to read.

Instead, I am inviting them to attend our 9:15 Mass on Sunday. I tell them, “we do things in a ‘vintage way,’ and the Mass is like walking into heaven for an hour.”

Prayer Changes Us

” A lot of people — even Catholics — consider prayer and the Word to be almost a waste of time. Every day when I pray in St. John’s Church, I go up to the choir loft to pray. I have to go up there because, during prayer, I have frequently been interrupted by parishioners who have said to me, “Oh, I’m so glad you’re not busy with anything important. Can we talk?” Nothing important? Prayer and preaching the Gospel are the most important things we do as a Church”!