It Is Time to Reclaim the Cardinal Virtue of Prudence

” Most of modern society upholds justice and fortitude, while temperance and prudence have been swallowed up in relativism. We as Christians also focus a great deal on the needs for justice and courage, but largely ignore the necessity of prudence in forming our actions.

It is time to recapture this cardinal virtue in our spiritual lives because it is essential in order for all of us to progress in holiness”.

We Need to Hear Life is Hard

” In an interesting talk between Bishop Barron and Jordan Peterson, Jordan Peterson talks about how people fill up auditoriums by the thousands to hear him basically say life is hard.

This somehow resonates with people, especially after a generation of soft, more feelings-directed psychology which told you “you’re okay”. It resonates with people who have pondered suicide, for example, who feel they are not okay and are looking for answers”.