Tangible Faith

” If I were to describe my faith journey in just a few words, I would say it has been like climbing a tree, starting from the ground up. Ground, meaning I wasn’t born into a faith system, and a tree, because of all the many necessary branches that led me to where I am now.

It is a place where I can see the beautiful path I have already traveled. It is also a place where the view just keeps getting more awesome. Let’s start this story with my first memories”.

A Journey from Islam to Christ

” My legs started to go to sleep as I sat on the floor of my bedroom in the middle of the night. The Qur’an rested on the small table in front of me. Its Arabic script was elegant and familiar, yet utterly meaningless to my Turkish mind. I could read the words, but their meaning escaped me.

I was around 12 years old. My father had left us for another woman, and my world was collapsing around me, shattered like thin glass, impossible to clean up”.

Conversion is a Spiritual, Cognitive, and Physical Journey

” I was never churched as a child but ended up attending a Lutheran high school because I was a borderline delinquent. The sheriff and my parents thought a disciplined parochial school would help me. Consequently, I became a Lutheran and was educated in the Bible and basic Christian belief.

However, once out of high school I had little concern for religion and ceased going to church. I did eventually marry a good “cradle” Catholic girl but was never pressured to become Catholic or even to go to church until our kids started CCD”.

A Twentieth-Century Centurion Swears Allegiance to Christ

“From my Navy days fighting terrorism in the Middle East through my years debating politics at Oxford, Christ called me ever closer to His Church and finally into His priesthood.

June 14, 1985, began as a routine day at sea for the crew of the USS Kidd. Having just completed some joint naval exercises, we were in the Aegean Sea, en route to a port visit in Haifa, Israel. I was standing watch as the duty officer.

Suddenly, the calm of the day was interrupted by reports that an American passenger plane, TWA Flight 847 out of Athens to Rome, had been hijacked to Beirut by two members of the radical terrorist group Islamic Jihad”.

Safe at Home

My dad took me to my first Royals game when I was eight years old. It was 1976. Big John Mayberry hit a home run for us, we beat the Oakland A’s, 7-6, and I was hooked.

For the next several years, growing up in a small town in Kansas, I listened to Kansas City Royals games on the radio every night and dreamed of becoming a Major League Baseball play-by-play announcer. Little did I know, that first Royals game 43 years ago would bring me to Royalty — at the feet of the cross of Jesus Christ and His Church.