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OCTOBER 20, 2020

Federal Crimes Uncovered on Biden Hard Drive (An Excellent Explanation of the Biden Scandal)

St. John of the Cross: Doctor of Detachment

5 Major Reasons Liberation Theology is Terrible Theology

OCTOBER 19, 2020

Lesser Evils and Elections

CENSORSHIP: Twitter Blocks Post from White House Science Advisor Scott Atlas

Antifa Knocks Out Black Man’s Teeth for Holding Free Speech Rally While Calling Him “N” Word

Yes, It Was The “Affordable” Care Act (Obamacare) That Increased Premiums

Not Only Abortion: Why Catholics Shouldn’t Be Democrat

OCTOBER 17, 2020

Bill Maher: Democrats Should Make Barret’s Religion and Issue: SCOTUS “Packed With Catholics”

Emails Reveal Hunter Biden’s Associates Helped Communist-Aligned Chinese Elites Secure Obama White House Meetings

If Slavery Were Legal, Slavery Would Be a Single Issue

A Challenging American Election: A Faith Perspective

OCTOBER 16, 2020

BEWARE! MSM and Social Media Want To Manipulate What We Should Believe

Fr. Altman Again! Great Video About Socialism

US. Catholic Bishops Finance Organized Effort To Elect Joe Biden

Advice From Exorcists on How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Immune System

“Can you be harmed by a curse placed on you? The answer could depend on whether you are in a state of grace, according to Father Theophilus (not his real name), an exorcist in the Mountain West who spoke with the Register about the importance of spiritual protection. Without grace, according to him, a person is largely defenseless against any sort of spell”.

Hawley vs. the Know-Nothings

At last. On the first day of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing” before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Republican senators stood up to the anti-religious bigotry of their Democratic colleagues over the disgraceful treatment of Judge Barrett’s Catholic faith.

One of the greatest highlights was Senator Josh Hawley’s impassioned opening statement against the blatant anti-Catholic bigotry that Judge Barrett had to endure”.

New church on University of Virginia campus evangelizes with beauty St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish

” In recent years, the Catholic Church in the United States has witnessed something of a renaissance of traditional sacred art. After decades in which churches were built in the modernist style, architects are  turning to traditional design when building or refurbishing churches, and artisans are being commissioned to create interiors that recall the beauty of churches from centuries ago”.

Proclamation on Columbus Day, 2020

“More than 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus’s intrepid voyage to the New World ushered in a new era of exploration and discovery.  His travels led to European contact with the Americas and, a century later, the first settlements on the shores of the modern day United States.  Today, we celebrate Columbus Day to commemorate the great Italian who opened a new chapter in world history and to appreciate his enduring significance to the Western Hemisphere”.