The Wanderer

“Catholicism seemed suited for old women and sissies. Real men didn’t need it. It looked to me, as a kid, like the world was divided into things that were my size and things that were way over my head. God was a million miles away in Mount Carmel church, somewhere up above those stained glass windows.

The priests and nuns could give you the fear of God, all right, and the guilt that came from not following the rules, but they couldn’t breathe life into the words and rituals”.

It Is Time to Reclaim the Cardinal Virtue of Prudence

” Most of modern society upholds justice and fortitude, while temperance and prudence have been swallowed up in relativism. We as Christians also focus a great deal on the needs for justice and courage, but largely ignore the necessity of prudence in forming our actions.

It is time to recapture this cardinal virtue in our spiritual lives because it is essential in order for all of us to progress in holiness”.