It Is Time to Reclaim the Cardinal Virtue of Prudence

” Most of modern society upholds justice and fortitude, while temperance and prudence have been swallowed up in relativism. We as Christians also focus a great deal on the needs for justice and courage, but largely ignore the necessity of prudence in forming our actions.

It is time to recapture this cardinal virtue in our spiritual lives because it is essential in order for all of us to progress in holiness”.

Answering Atheists Arguments

” Edmund Burke once described atheists as an unenterprising race. No longer. Dinesh D’Souza’s recent article in the Christian Science Monitor stirred up a hornets nest of response from atheists. Who knew they read a newspaper put out by the Christian Scientists?

Todays atheists, D’Souza discovered from their missives, are a scrappy, disputatious bunch. The following article is his response to some of their assertions”.